Webinar: 10/21/2021

Identity Data is the Cornerstone of a Zero Trust/Zero Friction Approach

Zero Trust is a key theme in cybersecurity as organizations struggle to stay ahead of the latest threats, but the pandemic has also put a spotlight on user experience. As IT sprawl accelerates, larger attack surfaces emerge and identity information is spread across a complex web of legacy, hybrid and multi cloud systems. How can you ensure that only authorized and approved subjects can access the proper resources without putting all the work on the end-user?

The ability to register and find the necessary identity data on subjects, assets, and resources is the key to authorization, authentication and governance. Policies should be as granular as possible, but they’re enforceable only with access to the many attributes of each user, in real time. How can you access the detailed, up-to-date attributes needed for decision-making, when identity data is spread throughout a fragmented infrastructure? You need real-time access to all identity sources—consolidated into a single source of identity truth—to make Zero Trust a reality.

In this webinar, TechVision Research CEO Gary Rowe will present their approach to pragmatic Zero Trust. Wade Ellery of Radiant Logic, which was recently selected to participate in NIST’s Zero Trust project, will showcase the role identity data can play to build a solid foundation for your Zero Trust architecture.

This webinar will address:

  • What Zero Trust really means for large organizations when it comes to Identity
  • How organizations can improve security AND user experience (at the same time!)
  • How to turn Zero Trust from a buzz word to a scalable, operational approach
  • Why you need to harness identity data and make it a driver of Zero Trust architecture

Date: Thursday, October 21
Speakers: Gary Rowe, CEO at TechVision Research, & Wade Ellery, VP of Solutions Architects at Radiant Logic

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