Webinar: 8/20/2020

Responding Quickly to Change: The Benefits of AD Virtualization and Integration for Cross-Agency Collaboration and Remote Work

Find out how RadiantOne FID enabled a government agency to simplify its complicated AD-based IT infrastructure, facilitating cross-agency collaboration and greatly increasing the efficiency, flexibility, and scalability of the system. The new infrastructure was able to respond quickly and seamlessly to a large shift to remote work in response to the 2020 pandemic.

Maintaining a high level of access control demands an organized, flexible identity infrastructure. Unfortunately, many government agencies and organizations have complicated legacy identity infrastructures with multiple AD domains and forests that make it difficult to meet today’s federal mandates for stronger authentication and credentials. At the same time, critical attributes are locked in multiple identity silos inside or across agencies, making it difficult to create the rich views you need for the highest levels of security and complicating situations where collaboration across agencies is needed.

In this webinar, you will learn how Radiant Logic’s agency-tested federated identity and directory service, RadiantOne, offers a plug-and-play solution that works with all of your existing identity sources. Using advanced identity integration and normalization, RadiantOne creates a secure identity hub that contains all of your identity data, regardless of where or how it is stored. We’ll be discussing a real-world use case in which RadiantOne enabled an extensive project involving virtualization and integration of multiple AD infrastructures into one central system.

During the 2020 pandemic, the system was required to pivot to meet the greatly increased need for remote access. The team was able to support this new demand quickly and effectively because the identity infrastructure was integrated, highly scalable, and ready.

With RadiantOne FID, agencies can collaborate more easily, which in turn decreases redundant tasks, increases productivity, strengthens overall security and creates efficiencies all around.

Date: Thursday, August 20, 2020
Speaker: Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect, Radiant Logic.

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