Webinar: 7/9/2020

Expedite Your M&A: Integrate your Identity Infrastructure with RadiantOne FID

After a merger or acquisition, integration of Identity and Access Management systems is one of the most pressing tasks for the IT team. For all the users, old and new, IT personnel need to give the right people the right access to the right resources, regardless of where the user’s identity is stored. The challenge for sizeable enterprises is that mergers and acquisitions result in the doubling of their identity infrastructure with a heterogeneous mix of directories (AD domains and forests and LDAP) along with other sources of identity information (databases, APIs). And the specific access requirements of key applications that need to be shared also complicate the transition.

Depending on the business strategy, the level of integration between the two companies can range from loosely linked entities to a tightly coupled business. Based on years of integration experience, we created a flexible integration platform, RadiantOne FID, our federated identity and directory service, to provide the tools that support each step of the integration process, so you end up with one logically federated system that streamlines authentication and authorization, while respecting your existing identity infrastructure.

In this webinar, you will learn how with RadiantOne, you can easily build a global list of all identities from across many types of identity data stores along with a complete profile of each identity. Regardless of the type or number of data sources that exist across all legacy organizations, this global list and profile can be created in days—not months. As a result, you will have complete flexibility for remodeling, transforming, and creating views to provide any application the identity it needs.

RadiantOne can:

  • Eliminate any manual re-architecting, schema extensions, synchronization, or construction of complex code in order to achieve your future state identity repository.
  • Safely expose true identities to external applications and partners through a secure virtual layer.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to establish new trusts across AD domains and forests.
  • Migrate existing groups, and dynamically create new groups based on attributes found in legacy repositories.
  • Guarantee directory-like performance thanks to Radiant Logic’s industry-leading caching technology.

RadiantOne FID can reduce the time for complete identity integration from months and years, to days and weeks. Join us to find out how.

Date: Thursday, July 9, 2020
Speaker: Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic

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