Webinar: 6/18/2020

Embracing Disruption: Enabling Business Agility Through Identity Integration and Normalization

Whether change comes in the form of mergers/acquisitions, digital transformation/cloud migration, etc, large enterprises and organizations need to make sure their identity infrastructures are ready. In this webinar, Chris Wallace of oil and gas industry’s Ovintiv and Wade Ellery of Radiant Logic discuss the role of federated identity in evolving and modernizing identity infrastructures.

Responding to change in identity and access management can be an expensive and complicated proposition for large enterprises. Their identity infrastructures are often composed of diverse types of identity data sources from legacy LDAP and AD to databases, to APIs. Yet change is part of modern business today, whether from mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, the move to the cloud, or all of the above. Large enterprises and organizations need to streamline their identity infrastructures, adding both more order and more flexibility.

In this webinar, we discuss evolving and modernizing legacy identity infrastructures with our guest, Chris Wallace, Senior IT Architect with Ovintiv. You’ll see how RadiantOne makes it easy to analyze and inventory all your existing dependencies, model new hierarchies to meet expanding business requirements, and support a seamless transition that protects your investments, while keeping your users happy and all your apps accessible.

Learn how to upgrade your infrastructure in a stepwise way–at your own pace–by integrating and normalizing your identity. Use RadiantOne to:

  • Inventory what exists and map to a global model
  • Aggregate and correlate identities to build a unique reference list
  • Join identities to create global profiles
  • Rationalize groups
  • Model needed application-specific virtual views
  • Cache resulting views for speed and scalability (cache is automatically kept in sync with backend changes)

RadiantOne FID empowers you to modernize your infrastructure, offering a flexible identity platform for new initiatives. Find out how to add lasting agility to your identity infrastructure.

Date: Thursday, June 18, 2020
Speakers: Chris Wallace, Senior IT Architect with Ovintiv and Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic.

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