Webinar: 2/26/2020

Achieving Modern ICAM with a Best-in-Class Solution

Seamless ICAM modernization is easy using IDaaS, IGA, Identity Integration and Virtualization Technologies

Government agencies require a higher level of security and user experience than ever before. According to the Office of Management and Budget’s updated policy around identity, credentials and access management (ICAM), agencies are being encouraged to use more flexible solutions, supporting pilots for new authenticators, and requiring the creation of a dedicated ICAM team.

The answer? A multifaceted approach, involving access, security, governance automation and controls, and federated identity based on virtualization. Watch important webinar in which we discuss a best-in-class solution that includes:
Centralized End User Access

  • A modern cloud-based IT architecture that empowers agencies and organizations to increase efficiency in managing the identity lifecycle for all applications providing contextual access management to cloud and on-premise applications and data and support secure collaboration with partners and vendors beyond the firewall.
  • Automated access and governance controls to mitigate the risk of a security breach and enforce compliance and regulations, along with the most efficient workflow and provisioning.
  • A federated identity and directory service based on virtualization to integrate and rationalize identity from across diverse data stores to provide one common, infinitely reusable identity hub to drive all initiatives, from tactical to strategic.

A best-in-class identity governance, access management and virtualization solution can facilitate digital transformation, providing agencies and organizations the convenience of unified access and single sign-on with the needed control of identity governance.

Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Speakers: Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect, Radiant Logic.

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