Webinar: 1/16/2020

The Future of Identity Management: 2020-2025

We’re entering a new decade—where is identity management heading in the next five years? Join Radiant Logic and TechVision Research for an update on this important discussion of technology trends, and learn how a federated identity and directory service can be a vital part of your digital transformation. The webinar will include TechVision’s Top 10 List of Key Identity Management Trends.

The analyst team at TechVision Research sees both tremendous opportunity and increasing volatility in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) arena over the next several years. As enterprise business leaders aspire to become more nimble and prepare for “safe” digital transformation, IAM systems and services will be tested in unprecedented ways. Any enterprise architecting and prioritizing IT investments over the next several years needs to pay careful attention to the Identity and Access Management category.

TechVision Research’s recommended areas of enterprise IAM focus include new emerging ecosystems such as decentralized identity (leveraging blockchain, verifiable claims and more granular user control), support for the identification and control of IoT devices, support for BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity) and increasingly sophisticated Identity Governance and Administration.

Large enterprises often have complex identity infrastructures already in place; with identity data spread across many heterogeneous data sources—multiple AD domains and forests, other directories, databases, applications, web services/APIs—along with a multitude of legacy applications that rely on those sources. To prepare for the future of IAM, enterprises will generally require a rationalization of, integration with, and ultimately migration to this next generation identity infrastructure.

Your Guide to a Federated Identity Service

Digital transformation will require a rationalization and integration of your identity infrastructure. RadiantOne FID can get you there.

In this webinar, Gary Rowe, CEO and Principal Consulting Analyst with TechVision Research, highlights trends and technologies that will influence the future of Identity Management. And then Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic, will address the question “How do we get there?” by describing how RadiantOne FID, a federated identity and directory service based on virtualization, works with and modernizes existing identity infrastructures and sets the stage for digital transformation.

Date: Thursday, January 16, 2020
Speakers: Gary Rowe, CEO and Principal Consulting Analyst for TechVision Research; Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect, Radiant Logic.

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