Webinar: 6/6/2019

Inside RadiantOne 7.3:

Virtualization, Federated Identity, and the Transition to the Cloud

Most large enterprises have a substantial and complex identity infrastructure with data spread across many heterogeneous data sources—multiple AD domains and forests, other directories, databases, applications, web services/APIs—along with a multitude of legacy applications that rely on those sources. For them, digital transformation of their IAM systems and a progressive move to the cloud require a rationalization and integration of their identity infrastructure. And during that transition, they will need to provide access to both legacy and cloud applications to all of their users, which means single sign-on and seamless access to both types of applications.

RadiantOne federated identity and directory service allows enterprises to virtualize their existing systems and integrate identities across older and newer technologies—enabling them to maintain their investments while moving their business forward toward a modern, hybrid/cloud-based infrastructure. In our new release, Release 7.3, we’ve added many enhancements that will make authentication and authorization in such hybrid environments more secure and more efficient, while preparing the way for an easy migration to the cloud–whenever the time comes.

In this webinar, Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic, details these improvements, which include:

  • Pre-defined mapping templates based on SCIM 2.0 for proprietary cloud directories (Azure AD, Salesforce, Google Directory, Workday, Okta, SailPoint, PingOne)
  • Improved support for identity access and provisioning—with the new Universal Cloud Identity Connector
  • Integration of a “workflow light” function for Administrators to approve/reject provisioning activity
  • Web User Interface for Identity Data and Group data analysis/reverse engineering, integration and reporting for improved data quality and identity correlation
  • Membership Topology wizard for step-by-step instruction on extracting and reverse engineering/integrating groups and user information from disparate data sources

With RadiantOne, enterprises get a federated identity hub that is perfectly suited for Hybrid IT. It can seamlessly map cloud directories along with any existing identity infrastructure to provide a modern, integrated global view of any identity in your enterprise.

Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019


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