Webinar: 5/9/2019

FID and Active Directory Integration for the Cloud

Whether the goal is moving to the cloud, simplified management, reduced cost, or regulatory compliance, companies are moving toward an integrated AD model. By integrating multiple on-premises and cloud-based identity sources, a federated identity and directory service simplifies both SSO and provisioning to cloud applications including Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.

Today’s enterprises have stretched the use of AD beyond the traditional LAN-based deployments for which it was designed. This proliferation of domains and forests has left many companies with complex thickets of identity that are difficult to maintain or evolve. The move to the cloud, along with new access demands imposed by mobility, is placing increasing stress on today’s complicated AD infrastructures—and this lack of flexibility is slowing IT’s ability to support the business, reducing productivity as costs rise. Because cloud applications work best with with one authoritative source of identity data, and AD integration also has benefits for the on-prem infrastructure—faster authentication/SSO and smarter authorization—there is a need for a solution that can simplify identity infrastructures and provide an onramp to the cloud.

In this webinar, Paul Rabinovich of featured firm Gartner and Wade Ellery of Radiant Logic talk about the challenges associated with physical AD consolidation and how they can be solved with a logical consolidation leveraging virtualization and federated identity. We will see how the solution functions for multiple classes of applications, including legacy LDAP, traditional Web Access Management, and Federation/Cloud IdP.

RadiantOne works within your existing infrastructure to integrate all identity data into one unified identity data store, including integration of multiple AD domains and forests.

We also address the special requirements (reverse engineering, group memberships “remapping,” group migration, etc) for groups management and authorization in the new integrated AD environments.

Date: Thursday, May 9, 2019
Speakers: Paul Rabinovich, Senior Director, Analyst in featured firm Gartner’s Identity and Access Management practice, and Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic

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Radiant Logic - Webinar FID and Active Directory Integration for the Cloud