Webinar: 5/23/2019

Get More from Your Investment in SailPoint’s IdentityIQ LifeCycle Manager with RadiantOne FID

For large companies and organizations, identity governance and administration (IGA) can be challenging. The identity and access layers of these enterprises have been built over successive waves of technology, and feature a diverse array of identity silos, from AD and LDAP to databases and APIs, resulting in a patchwork of custom-coded point-to-point connections between applications, proprietary WAM and standards-based federation layers. The result is a brittle system that’s costly to maintain and almost impossible to secure, audit, or evolve.


Using RadiantOne as a data source, IdentityIQ’s Lifecycle Manager pulls “pre-integrated” and rationalized user identity data
from RadiantOne, processes it, and pushes it out to the end points for provisioning.

You will learn how adding RadiantOne FID, our federated identity and directory service, to your IGA infrastructure can help you get the most out of your SailPoint deployment. RadiantOne can be used to “pre- integrate” identity data from diverse sources, creating complete user profiles for SailPoint’s use in provisioning, or it can use SailPoint’s database as a source of identity information itself, for use in LDAP Applications, WAM and Federation.


RadiantOne can also virtualize IdentityIQ’s database and transforms the data to provide a single definitive directory
for LDAP applications and WAM/portal applications to use for authentication and authorization.

Together, RadiantOne and SailPoint facilitate important business opportunities—including provisioning, the move to the cloud, and identity governance. By extending SailPoint IdentityIQ with RadiantOne, you can leverage your existing identity-consolidation investment to improve access management and security for critical applications. Join us to learn all the details.

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019


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Radiant Logic - Webinar Get More from Your Investment in SailPoint’s IdentityIQ LifeCycle Manager with RadiantOne FID