Webinar: 4/25/2019

Integrating IDaaS SSO and Cloud Directories with Your Existing LDAP Applications and Legacy WAM Portal

Through the power of virtualization, RadiantOne integrates IDaaS and cloud directories such as Okta’s with your existing LDAP applications and legacy WAM solution.

The adoption of IDaaS from vendors such as Okta enables enterprises to provide user-friendly access and secure SSO to multiple SaaS/Cloud applications, along with location-independent identity directory storage on the cloud. Yet those benefits—both at the level of access/authentication and at the level of directory information—are available only to applications that can either leverage federation standards (such as SAML and OpenID Connect) and/or the specific API supported by the IDaaS vendor. Unfortunately, most enterprise LDAP-based applications and traditional WAM portals can’t do either.

Integrating cloud directories through virtualization extends the scope of existing LDAP and legacy web applications to the cloud constituencies—virtualizing the IDaaS API allows internal on-prem LDAP applications to see the new source of identity as an extension of their population base.


RadiantOne uses advanced virtualization to integrate both on-premises and cloud identity stores, creating a unified identity hub for traditional WAM and IDaaS.

This webinar explores how RadiantOne uses advanced virtualization to integrate all identity data stores—whether they’re stored on-premises or in the cloud—to deliver a single access point for all applications. Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic will describe how RadiantOne allows your infrastructure to evolve easily, whether you’re adding new data sources or applications, expanding user populations after a merger or acquisition, or extending identity securely to take advantage of the cloud.

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Radiant Logic - Webinar Integrating IDaaS SSO and Cloud Directories