Webinar: 2/28/2019

How to Get More Out of Your Current SailPoint Deployment with RadiantOne FID

Most IGA tools excel at governance and administration—once they have a complete picture of your identity infrastructure. To achieve that, they depend on a set of generic native connectors to the identity sources along with time consuming and expensive custom coding. But the value of governance, the ability to apply rules and policies that limit or grant users (such as employees) access, is directly related to the quality and richness of the identity data itself—what can be extracted, reverse-engineered and aggregated. The higher the resolution of your identity data, the better the governance.

When it comes to capturing higher resolution identity data from directories—details about membership in a group or a nested group in directories such as AD, or a system/API—RadiantOne FID is the market leader.

In this webinar, you will find out how RadiantOne FID acts as a specialized, bidirectional connector for SailPoint IdentityIQ, virtualizing all the underlying identity stores (multiple AD domains and forests, LDAP, SQL, APIs). RadiantOne then rationalizes the identity data from these sources to build a global profile for each user containing all the various attributes, with no duplicates.


RadiantOne FID acts as a specialized connector to integrate richer data from the data sources, making it available to SailPoint for processing.
SailPoint then pushes and provisions through to integration end points.

SailPoint Identity IQ looks to FID as a global directory, a source from which it pulls richer, integrated identity and attribute information that can increase the precision of its governance and administrative operations.

  • A consolidated reference image of all your identity data
  • A specialized connector for every identity data source
  • Shorter integration time
  • Complete global profile for each user
  • Better ROI for provisioning projects
  • Better policy enforcement

The more complete your identity picture, the more fine-grained the system, the more precise your target and the better your policy enforcement. Register to find out all the details!

Date: Thursday, February 28

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Radiant Logic - Webinar SailPoint Deployment