Webinar: 2/14/2019

Virtualization with RadiantOne FID

Get the Benefits of AD Consolidation Without Disrupting Your Existing Identity Infrastructure

Whether your goal is streamlining authentication/authorization processes after a merger, providing a unified view of users for existing on-premises applications and cloud applications (moving to Azure AD/Office 365), or boosting the security of your system, RadiantOne uses the power of virtualization to achieve full integration and rationalization of identity data from across multiple AD domains and forests—without a system overhaul. And RadiantOne FID’s unique tools enable flexible new group definition and remapping of existing groups in environments where identity from multiple silos needs to be consolidated.

Many medium to large enterprises and organizations have identity infrastructures that contain multiple AD domains and forests. This fragmentation is a technical challenge for multiple applications and use cases that require a more unified view of workforce identity for security, authentication, and authorization. And this requirement can be compounded in the case of mergers and acquisitions and seasonal fluctuations in staffing that require adding new populations or reorganizing existing ones, not to mention the new imperative to support cloud applications and directories (Office 365/Azure AD). So the goal of consolidation has been on the agenda for multiple IAM teams.

In this webinar, we start our discussion with the challenges associated with physical AD consolidation and how they can be solved with a logical consolidation leveraging virtualization and federated identity. The solution addresses the problem and simplifies authentication/SSO and authorization for multiple classes of applications, including legacy LDAP, traditional Web Access Management, and Federation/Cloud IdP.

RadiantOne works within your existing infrastructure to integrate all identity data into one unified identity data store, including consolidating multiple AD domains and forests.

We also discuss the special requirements (reverse engineering, group memberships “remapping,” group migration, etc) for groups management and authorization in the new consolidated AD environments.

Date: Thursday, February 14, 2019

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Radiant Logic - Webinar Get the Benefits of AD Consolidation