Webinar: 8/16/2018

Connecting AWS to Legacy Directories using ADAP, RadiantOne’s REST Interface

Join us on Thursday August 16 for a new webinar with Mark Oehler, Lead Identity Management Integration Analyst from Transamerica Corporation. When Transamerica, a large insurance and investment firm, migrated some of its operations to AWS, its IT team realized that they still needed to connect to their legacy directories to facilitate access. The project team had started using AWS (primarily the server-less Lambda service) to process work requests and create and manage accounts on premises, but they needed to consolidate all a user’s accounts across all the domains.

RadiantOne FID uses virtualization to integrate identity data no matter where it is hosted. Without disrupting the current infrastructure, the RadiantOne federated identity and directory service consolidates and rationalizes on-premises and cloud-based identity data sources into a single authoritative identity hub, and keeps those sources synchronized, greatly simplifying SSO and provisioning in hybrid environments.

ADAP, RadiantOne’s REST interface to LDAP, makes it possible for AWS to connect to legacy directories and to other existing identity sources. At Transamerica, they have to provision users to multiple on-premises directories and synchronize data back and forth from those directories to AWS through RadiantOne.


With ADAP, web and mobile applications can tap directly into directory sources that support the LDAP v3 standards, including Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle/Sun Directory, and RadiantOne HDAP.

ADAP provides greater flexibility for cloud, web and applications developers and extends business capabilities when it comes to accessing legacy identity and traditional directory sources.

Find out more on August 16!

Date: Thursday, August 16
Speakers: Mark Oehler, Lead Identity Management Integration Analyst with AEGON/Transamerica and Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic

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Radiant Logic - Webinar Webinar: Connecting AWS to Legacy Directories using RadiantOne