Webinar: 3/8/2018

Upgrading Your Legacy Portal/WAM Solution with RadiantOne FID: Part 2. ISAM

Join us on Thursday, March 8 to discover how RadiantOne FID can maximize the potential of your existing ISAM deployment, including ISAM v9.

Whether you’re looking to integrate new user populations such as business partners or newly-merged constituencies from M&A, add new customer channels, or provide secure access to cloud applications, RadiantOne FID can smooth the way. For large enterprises with complex identity infrastructures, RadiantOne acts as a unique directory interface and storage between ISAM and the myriad internal identity sources (including IBM TDS, Active Directory domains and forests, databases, API’s etc) and protocols to deliver faster and smoother integration of new populations. Join us for a new webinar on RadiantOne’s ability to integrate with ISAM to extend its scope to new populations without disrupting your current portal deployment while simplifying SSO and providing the best possible user experience.

RadiantOne FID integrates identity from across disparate identity data sources into a logical identity hub to provide a global, “normalized” list of users where every user is represented once, enabling ISAM to access identities from across the infrastructure at the speed of one unified directory—with all of the data still managed locally in your distributed system.

WAM Portal or Federation

RadiantOne can help evolve your ISAM deployment without disruption to support the world of ever-changing user populations by:

  • Integrating identities into a common and authoritative source.
  • Reducing deployment time by leveraging and abstracting existing identity stores through virtualization.
  • Eliminating the risk and improving support and maintenance associated with the multiple and brittle scripts required to access multiple authentication and authorization sources.
  • Increasing flexibility by providing a dynamic identity/directory service that can adapt to shifting business conditions.

When: Thursday, March 8, 2018.

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