Webinar: 11/29/2018

Integrate and Virtualize Saviynt’s Identity Warehouse with RadiantOne for Use in LDAP Applications, WAM and Federation

What if you could leverage the consolidated, validated image of identity data you created for GRC/IGA with Saviynt as “the” authoritative source for authentication and authorization in WAM, federation, and LDAP applications? Now you can. With RadiantOne, identity information stored in Saviynt’s Identity Warehouse can be virtualized and stored into a directory, so LDAP, WAM and federation products can easily access a single directory source for authentication and authorization. By leveraging the rich data in the Saviynt Identity Warehouse, higher quality authentication and authorization decisions can ensure better enterprise risk posture and more effective user experiences.

RadiantOne virtualizes Saviynt

RadiantOne virtualizes Saviynt’s database and transforms the data to provide a single definitive directory for LDAP applications and WAM/portal applications to use for authentication and authorization.

RadiantOne works with Saviynt to ensure a high standard of security. Saviynt’s Security Manager provides superior visibility into and control over user access to mission-critical and sensitive applications and their data while streamlining the access request and provisioning process.

RadiantOne virtualizes Saviynt

RadiantOne can also integrate identity data from diverse sources to provide an integrated reference image for Saviynt.

RadiantOne will reduce integration time for solutions like Saviynt by acting as a specialized connector for directories–LDAP or Active Directory domains and forests–providing the consolidated reference image of identity from specialized and disparate directories required by the Saviynt Security Manager solution. And RadiantOne’s reference image enables a feedback loop that lets you link changes back to their targets, for more flexible and productive integration, along with better ROI for provisioning projects.

Additionally, RadiantOne can provide the directory backbone for Saviynt in a consumer-scale identity management and governance solution. Saviynt augments RadiantOne by providing user self-service, delegated administration, password management and integration with lead nurturing solutions like Marketo and Pardot. Coupled with the scale RadiantOne brings, this provides a robust set of capabilities for a Customer Portal or Vendor Registration Management system to quickly incorporate and simplify security needs, improve time to market and drive better customer engagement.

Please join us for this informative webinar and learn more about how these two solutions compliment and upscale value to our clients.

Date: Thursday, November 29
Speakers: Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic and Dave Culbertson, VP of Products with Saviynt

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Radiant Logic - Webinar Integrate and Virtualize Saviynt’s Identity Warehouse with RadiantOne