Webinar: 10/25/2018

Adopting and Deploying a Federated Identity and Directory Service in Your Enterprise

Part 2: Identity Inclusion: The Foundation for Digital Transformation

In the second of our two-part webinar series, Gary Rowe of TechVision Research describes how digital transformation is all about inclusion; digitally connecting and engaging with customers, partners, suppliers, employees and things. This level of inclusion requires fundamental changes in the IAM foundation in ways that most enterprises are not yet fully prepared to embrace. Gary will provide best practice recommendations on how to get prepared and Wade Ellery will describe how Radiant Logic already supports this new set of transformational IAM requirements including specific deployment examples using RadiantOne FID, as well as practical real-world use cases.

For most large enterprises, digital transformation requires support for new topologies (cloud), new types of objects, new development models and new ways to share and protect data. But enterprises generally don’t start with a clean slate. They often have complex identity infrastructures with identity data spread across many heterogeneous data sources—multiple AD domains and forests, other directories, databases, applications, web services/APIs—along with a multitude of legacy applications that rely on those sources. For them, digital transformation requires a rationalization and integration of their identity infrastructure.

And during the transition, they will need to provide access to both legacy and cloud applications to all of their users, which means single sign-on and seamless access to both types of applications. What they need is a solution that allows them to virtualize their existing systems and integrate identities across older and newer technologies to enable the transition towards a modern, cloud-based infrastructure.

And that’s where the RadiantOne FID, the federated identity and directory service based on virtualization, comes in. RadiantOne FID includes a powerful identity integration layer based on our patented identity virtualization technology, as well as HDAP, our big data-driven LDAP v3 directory store. This service can act as both a tactical legacy LDAP replacement as well as a complete enterprise-wide identity integration and directory service. RadiantOne allows you to deploy a scalable, future-proof solution at a very competitive price point. These options make RadiantOne FID the most versatile solution on the market, designed to meet your identity infrastructure needs now and well into the future.

Join us on Thursday, October 25 as Gary Rowe, CEO and Principal Consulting Analyst with TechVision Research, highlights how digital transformation needs major changes in the IAM foundation. These changes can be accelerated by normalizing identity data from multiple sources via virtual directories and the building of dynamic views for easier application consumption. And Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic, continues the discussion by highlighting how RadiantOne FID helped several large enterprises modernize their enterprise-wide identity infrastructure and sets the stage for digital transformation.

Date: Thursday, October 25
Speakers: Gary Rowe, CEO and Principal Consulting Analyst for TechVision Research; Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect, Radiant Logic.

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Radiant Logic - Webinar Adopting and Deploying a Federated Identity and Directory Service in Your Enterprise