Webinar: 10/11/2018

Webinar Series: Adopting and Deploying a Federated Identity and Directory Service in Your Enterprise

Part 1: Migrate and Modernize Your LDAP Directory with RadiantOne FID

In the first of a two-part webinar series, Doug Simmons of TechVision and Wade Ellery of Radiant Logic will discuss current and future identity management challenges and how to modernize your legacy directories with a federated identity and directory service based on virtualization.

Many large enterprises have security systems based on “legacy” LDAP directories (Oracle OUD, Sun, IBM TDS), which are now aging. Licensing and maintenance fees are spiraling out of control. But with multiple applications relying on this directory infrastructure for authenticating and authorizing users, companies have been stuck with the existing inflexible system: migrating directory configurations and their application dependencies is an expensive technical challenge. Is there a way to replace those aging directories and modernize your infrastructure without disruption?

RadiantOne: An Innovative Way to Replace and Modernize Your Directory

The answer is yes, thanks to our federated identity and directory service, RadiantOne FID. RadiantOne FID has two parts: a virtualization layer and a directory storage. The virtualization layer integrates identity data for each user from all your disparate data sources into a complete authoritative source, enabling a global view of identities that can be modeled to meet the needs of any application at will. The virtualization layer makes it easy to inventory and intercept existing client application requests, and “reverse engineer” the views that will be required to meet the needs of those existing applications.

When deployed in Active-Passive Mode, HDAP enables in-place directory migration from aging Sun/Oracle LDAP, as well as a path to easy future development, all at the cost of annual maintenance for your aging directory system.

This deployment includes connections for both the active and the passive nodes, but the connections from the passive node will only become “active” when the passive becomes active.

In one step, RadiantOne accomplishes migration and replacement of your legacy directory with a modern federated identity service including a directory storage.

Join us on Thursday, October 11 for the details.

Date: Thursday, October 11
Speakers: Doug Simmons, Managing Director and Principal Consulting Analyst for TechVision Research; Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect, Radiant Logic.

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Radiant Logic - Webinar Migrate and Modernize Your LDAP Directory with RadiantOne FID