Webinar: 12/17/2015

Faster Authentication, Smarter Authorization with CA SSO and RadiantOne

Teaching Identity to Sing: A Coca Cola Case Study

Join us as Coca Cola shares real-world experience on how federating identity with RadiantOne helped the multinational corporation modernize its identity infrastructure. Coca Cola’s CA Single Sign-On (formerly SiteMinder) was doing its job, but their identity infrastructure had grown in complexity over time, becoming costly to maintain, and it was taking longer for users to authenticate. They chose RadiantOne to create an identity hub that functioned as a single access point for CA Single Sign-On and CA Identity Manager.

The results were dramatic. With RadiantOne Federated Identity Service, they were able to:

  • reduce daily authentication calls from 13 million to 2.2 million
  • boost customer login speed by over 50%
  • manage groups that include users from across multiple domains and forests to provide enhanced authorization

Meeting Coca Cola’s technical challenges with RadiantOne

Authentication CallsWith RadiantOne Federated Identity Service, Coca Cola reduced daily authentication calls from 13 million to 2.2 million.

Over the years, Coca Cola had added new user populations—bottlers, distributors, partners—who all needed secure access to applications. At the same time, their portal was supporting more applications, each with its own identity store. These diverse identity and data sources (AD domains and forests, LDAP directories, and SQL databases) had been added behind the scenes on an as-needed basis. Because of this, their identity infrastructure had become complicated and expensive to maintain.
To overcome this identity integration challenge, they created a single access point with RadiantOne Federated Identity Service. This enabled CA Single Sign-On to access identities from across the infrastructure at the speed of one unified directory—with all of the data still managed locally in the distributed system.

Coca Cola also needed a way for their CA Identity Manager to manage groups, while being able to audit those modifications. RadiantOne provided a single, integrated view of users from scattered domains and forests, allowing groups to be created by CA Identity Manager regardless of where their identity information is stored. This enables business owners to easily manage groups themselves without having to understand the complexity of the infrastructure.

Speaker: Lisa Grady, Senior Solutions Architect, from Radiant Logic.

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2015.

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