Blog Table of Contents

Cloud Directories, IDaaS, and Federation IdPs vs. the Rest of Your IAM Infrastructure

  • Integrating the New Identity While Evolving Your Existing Identity

From VDS to a Federated Identity Service Based on Virtualization

  • What’s in a Name? Everything…

From Join to Context for Profile Management: Mapping the Nurturing Process at the Database Level

  • Digging Deeper Into the Process of Building a User Profile

In the Land of Customer Profiles, SQL and Data Integration Reign Supreme

  • Beyond Security with the New IAM Contenders: Leveraging Registration to Build a More Complete Customer Profile
  • The Nature of Nurturing: An Object Lesson in Progressive, Contextual Disclosure

Where Are the Customers’ Yachts?

  • Customer Identity: The Case for the WAM Vendors
  • The Dilemma for WAM Vendors: Directory-Optimized Solutions in a World of SQL

The Secret Sauce for Smarter Groups: Using a Federated Identity Service to Consolidate Identities and Join Attributes

  • Beyond the Meta/Virtual Paradigm: A Federated Identity Service to Gather Attributes from Disparate Sources

On the Road to ABAC: How Nested Groups can Lead Us to Attribute-Rich Salvation

  • Give Me Granularity or Give Me Death: The Evolution of RBAC
  • Flexibility = Agility: The Emergence of Attributes and ABAC

From RBAC to ABAC: Get There Through Groups

  • From Roles to Attributes Via Groups
  • From Manual to Dynamic: Making Groups Work For You

ABAC to the Future: When Will We Finally Have Attribute-Based Policies?

  • George Jetson vs. Fred Flintstone: Who Wins?
  • Smarter and More Secure: Making the Dream of ABAC a Reality

Context is Coming: The Move from IdM to Identity Relationship Management and the Internet of Things:

  • How a Federated ID Hub Helps You Secure Your Data and Better Serve Your Customers
  • Beyond the Identity Bridge: A Federated Identity Hub for SSO and Authorization
  • The Future’s Built In: The Hub as Application Integration Point and Much More
  • Final Notes: Storage that Scales and the Pillars of Identity Relationship Management

Identity at the Center: Why You Need a Federated Identity Hub

  • The Radiant Mantra: Manage Globally, Act Locally
  • The Rosetta Stone of ID: Global Integration Backed by Local Ownership
  • The Hook-Up on Look-Ups: Remapping Identifiers Inside the Hub

The Hidden Requirement for Federation: Syncing and Provisioning to the Cloud

  • Federation Provisioning: Seed the Infrastructure, Keep it in Sync, and Remap on the Fly
  • Shadow IDs: Why the SP Needs a Corresponding Image of Identity
  • Think About How Well Provisioning Went Within Your Perimeter…

From Virtual Directory to Federated Identity: Bringing Identity Back to The Center of IAM

  • The Rise of Federation: Putting New Demands on Your IAM Infrastructure
  • Federation Only Routes Access to an IdP…
  • It Won’t Unify Your Identity for You…

Diversity Training: Dealing with SQL and non-MS LDAP in a WAAD World

  • Bless this Mess: A Federated Solution for Cleaning Up ALL Your Identity
  • Credentials: Sometimes, What Happens On-Premises Should Stay On-Premises

Hybrid Identity in the MS World: How to See the Tree for All the Forests

  • WAAD is Your IDaaS, but AD is Still Your Co-Pilot
  • Duplicate Users Across Domains: The Need for Normalization
  • Yes, Those Chickens are Coming Home to Roost
  • Virtualization to the Rescue: The Tools You Need to Make WAAD Work

When Bigfoot Comes to Town: Thoughts on Microsoft Azure AD, Access Panel, and the Coming Hybrid Identity Infrastructure

  • Validation and Redefinition: Identity-as-a-Service Comes of Age
  • Federating Identity: What You Need to Make the Hybrid World Work
  • Putting Your House (and Forests) in Order

Man and Machine: Speaking the Same Language

  • Let’s Begin at the Beginning: What is Context, Anyway?
  • From Database Standards to Semantics: Making Structured Data Searchable Across Silos
  • Using Model-Driven Virtualization to Reveal the Hidden Semantics of Structured Data
  • A Sort-Of Pidgin English, Readable By Both Marketers and Machines

Attributes, Predicates, and Sentences: The Building Blocks of Context

  • Subject-Predicate-Object: First Order Logic 101
  • Essential Semantics: Describing Our World in First Order Sentences

From Groups to Roles to Context: The Emergence of Attributes in Authorization

  • It All Starts with Groups: The Simple, Not Especially Sophisticated Solution
  • So Much for the Digital Revolution: Every Change, Managed Manually
  • Machine-Readable Groups: Using Attributes to Simplify Management and Make Policies Explicit
  • Breaking It Down and Building It Back Up, Better Than Before

In Context: The Next Frontier of Your Digital Identity

  • Context Matters: Where We’re At, Where We’re Headed
  • The Big Question: What is Context?

Bringing IAM Back to Life with a Federated Identity Service: Leveraging Your Silos for Authentication and SSO

  • Virtualization + Transformations: The Foundation of SSO and Your Bridge to the Cloud
  • Beyond Credential Checking: Adding Extra Assurance to Authentication

The Federated Identity Service as a Hub for Authentication, Authorization, and Provisioning

  • A Millions Paths to Everywhere: The Internal Authentication Challenge
  • All Roads Lead to the Hub: The Need for a Common Attribute Server and Better Provisioning

Token Translation and Internal Authentication: Where Your Federation Needs a Federated Identity

  • Federating Access and Federating Identity
  • What Could Go Wrong? The Care and Feeding of Your IdP

From SQL to LDAP/Graph: Bridging the Two Worlds

  • SQL and LDAP: Strengths and Weaknesses
  • What If: Imagining a World without LDAP
  • Embrace and Extend: The Identity Bridge to Somewhere

From SQL to LDAP: Taking the Best of Both

  • The Rise (and Fall) of the Comma: On SQL, LDAP, and Graphs
  • A Thought Experiment: Trees Inside of Tables
  • The Dark Secret of SQL: It Takes Forever to Navigate Complex Hierarchies and Graphs
  • Pictures Tell the Story: Graph/Trees as a Recursive Relation
  • Everything Old is New Again: What About the Graph Database?

Why Kill Identity Management When You Can Virtualize It Instead?

  • What Ian Gets Right: The Issues Facing IdM Today
  • Where He Goes Wrong: Is the Remedy Worse than the Disease?
  • Meet the New Standards: Same as the Old Standards?
  • Hierarchies, Networks, and Relations: Looking to History to Lead Us Forward

The Future is Here: A Federated Identity System Based on Virtualization

  • Federated Identity System: A Central Clearinghouse, Not an Authoritative Store
  • Manage Globally and Act Locally: Not Just a Slogan, a Way of Life
  • Beyond Virtual Directory: A Federated Identity System Based on Virtualization
  • Cloud SSO and a Complete Profile: Identity as a Competitive Advantage

Come See What We’re Cooking Up in the Radiant Labs…

  • Explore our New Federated Identity Service at RSA
  • The Virtual Directory is Dead. Long Live the Virtual Directory!
  • From Virtual Directory to a Federated Identity Service Powered by Virtualization
  • Applications, Security Protocols, and Identity Sources—Oh, My!
  • An Identity Hub to Reduce Complexity and Rationalize your Infrastructure
  • Under the Hood: What Drives the RadiantOne Identity Hub
  • Elvis May Have Left the Building—But Your User Credentials Need to Stay On-Premises
  • Take a Test-Drive at RSA: Join Us at Booth 345

A Walk in the Clouds

  • You’ll Need More than SQL in the Cloud
  • Where SQL Falls Short: Delivering the Final Experience in Real Tim
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Identity and Context Virtualization
  • A Final Point on Scaling and Cloud Deployment

The Eternal Sunshine of the Relational Model…

  • Two Possible Directions, Two Big Dilemmas
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Caching In…

From Static Directories to Context Servers

  • Directories: Plateau, Legacy…and Renaissance?
  • Linking Identity and Context