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Radiant Logic Customer Success Stories

Read more about how RadiantOne FID enabled our customers to solve complex integration challenges while making the most of existing infrastructure investments with federated identity and directory solutions based on advanced virtualization and smart synchronization.

Customer Testimonials: Nick Bishop

RadiantOne FID has vastly improved the way many large enterprises and Fortune 1000 companies have done business. Hear the real-world success stories of Radiant Logic in action.

Case Study: Beverage Corporation

A Recipe for Success with One Integrated Identity Source: See how RadiantOne simplifies the identity infrastructure of a multinational beverage corporation by integrating all the identity data from across a diverse array of identity data stores into a virtualized identity hub. Read the story →

Case Study: Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Modernizing Infrastructure to Prepare for a “Cloud-First” Future: A complex and aging infrastructure, including an unsupported metadirectory and a multi-domain AD infrastructure made it much more difficult to move to the federation and the cloud or enable other initiatives such as acquisitions and divestitures. Read the story →

Case Study: Energy Industry

The M&A Identity Integration Initiative: See how this energy giant streamlined its authentication process, while delivering an integrated infrastructure to easily meet compressed merger timelines. Read the story →

Case Study: Entertainment Corporation

The “One Identity” Initiative: See how this entertainment company empowered users from across multiple subsidiaries to access common corporate applications with single sign-on—without disrupting the underlying identity infrastructure. Read the story →

Case Study: Financial Institution

Migrating Away from Aging Sun Directories: With a complex infrastructure, including multiple AD domains and forests and several aging LDAP directories, this bank had to custom code each costly new connection. See how they enabled a more modern directory infrastructure with RadiantOne FID virtualization and smart sync. Read the story →

Case Study: Financial Services

Simplifying Change Management: Learn how RadiantOne FID adds flexibility and versatility to the extremely complex identity infrastructure of a global financial services company, facilitating identity information updates for its 200,000 employees, without hard-coding across its complicated array of AD domains and LDAP directories. Read the story →

Case Study: Food Services Industry

Providing SSO & Secure Access to Corporate Applications Across Franchisees: See how RadiantOne FID helped this company overcome a diverse array of identity data sources that made it increasingly expensive and labor-intensive to integrate new apps, offer SSO to franchisees, and even centralize and normalize MDM data. Read the story →

Case Study: Healthcare Industry

Day One Readiness in Healthcare Acquisition: See how RadiantOne FID ensured a successful acquisition, enabling this company to combine organizations without having to establish trust or share administration between each AD environment. By logically centralizing identity, while still respecting existing stores and investments, they ensured secure access across all applications. Read the story →

Case Study: Healthcare Industry

Making “One User, One Identity, One Password” a Reality: Explore how RadiantOne FID helped a healthcare giant simplify logins, dramatically improving the single sign-on experience for all its stakeholders: doctors, nurses, care providers, other employees, and partners. Read the story →

Case Study: Healthcare Industry

Creating a Foundational Identity Service for Critical Healthcare Applications & Initiatives: See how one healthcare corporation used RadiantOne FID to simplify the move from three EMRs across multiple vendors to Epic—and build in agility to navigate future growth initiatives as applications and acquisitions increase. Read the story →

Case Study: Healthcare Industry

Streamlining Groups Management with Virtualization: Roles/groups-based management doesn’t scale well with so many stakeholders across diverse cost-centers—especially in a managed care environment. See how one organization built a global profile of each user and migrated existing groups into the new “naming/addressing scheme,” for an optimized, rationalized, and unified view of group membership. Read the story →

Case Study: Healthcare Industry

Support for M&A and Seamless, Logical AD Consolidation: See how a large healthcare organization streamlined its identity infrastructure and provided one global, rationalized list of all its users, improving user experience, boosting the security of the system and paving the way for integrating new user identity data in future mergers and acquisitions. Read the story →

Case Study: Insurance Industry

A 360-Degree View of Customers Across Multiple Service Areas: This company’s customers registered for services through different platforms, each with its own user store, so they had to login multiple times to access services, while remembering different usernames and passwords. See how RadiantOne FID made it easy for customers to “log in once and log in everywhere,” while allowing each BU to shift to the new system on its own schedule. Read the story →

Case Study: Insurance Industry

Transforming the Digital Experience for Customers: A global insurance group that had added product lines through acquisition was having trouble with a cumbersome authentication process that spanned many different applications, logins, and passwords for each separate site—not a great experience for customers. See how they made logins easier across hundreds of sites with RadiantOne FID. Read the story →

Case Study: Insurance Industry

Creating Best-In-Class Customer Experience: A large insurance company wrestled with many users across diverse populations; an array of products, each with its own website and backend directory; and duplicate identities across different stores. See why they chose RadiantOne FID to combat complexity and improve customer experience. Read the story →

Case Study: Retail Chain

Moving from Static to Dynamic Groups: The identity team at this huge retail chain needed a way need to dynamically manage more than 3000 groups. Making changes manually was too time-consuming and hardcoding a solution was too expensive, so their new CIO relied on RadiantOne FID to make it easy to manage groups dynamically, without costly custom coding. Read the story →

Case Study: Telecommunications Company

Adding Acquisitions Quickly: Providing Immediate Access with RadiantOne. This major cable and communications giant purchased two sizable competitors and needed to integrate both acquisitions into the existing network as soon as possible. Read the story →