Federation & Cloud SSO

Enable Security and SSO to the Cloud

Cloud-based and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications are rapidly becoming critical to your enterprise’s daily function, but they bring up essential questions regarding security and user administration. Does integrating cloud applications into your identity management strategy mean you have to deliver identity services to the cloud? How can you provide secure authentication and fine-grained authorization for these new applications, using your existing data stores?

The Challenge: Leverage Your Identity Infrastructure for Cloud Applications

For many businesses, the cloud deepens your existing challenges. When you’re dealing with multiple applications, you need to secure a complex heterogeneous environment with many diverse identity sources. To achieve this, you must manage the multitude of different authentication/authorization methods and requirements that are part of such a disparate environment. And finally, you have to keep your user data up to date—even when it’s spread across systems and into the cloud. Given today’s complicated enterprise identity landscape, how can you:

  • Provide simple, secure, and user-friendly access to cloud-based applications?
  • Administer appropriate security policy when password protocols and authorization requirements differ for every application?
  • Ensure that data is up to date everywhere—and that your picture of each user is complete?

The more your identity is distributed across multiple systems, the greater the need to bring it together logically—to manage globally and act locally—so you can securely connect to the cloud. So how can your enterprise reap the benefits of the cloud while maintaining and leveraging your current data structure?

Identity Chaos

Without a federated identity service, authenticating users across different silos and applications can be chaotic.

The Solution: One Identity Service for Security in the Cloud

By creating a federated identity hub inside the firewall, RadiantOne brings together identity and context information from your cloud-based and on-premises sources, enabling a single view of your customers, partners, and employees.

RadiantOne is a powerful Federated Identity Service that enables customized views of data that spans enterprise and SaaS systems, and delivers requested data via different protocols. Thanks to this identity service, cloud-based and SaaS applications can now integrate with existing enterprise data, supporting a future-proofed, long-term information infrastructure that grows and evolves with your enterprise.

Federated Identity Service

A federated identity service creates a local identity hub for authentication, authorization, and profile management.

With a federated identity service, you can:

  • Allow cloud applications to access identities stored in your AD, without exposing them across the firewall.
  • Create, update, and delete accounts in Cloud/SaaS apps based on events inside the firewall.
  • Support federated authentication and authorization across all your data sources.
  • Enable real-time change to access control enforcement based on dynamically created groups.
  • Put an end to silos and build unified identity profiles across enterprise and Cloud/SaaS applications.